4 years ago, a man adopted an “unusual” girl who was disowned by 2 families: how the little girl looks and lives now

A man named Luca always wanted to be a dad.

But his personal life did not work out, so he decided to take a baby girl from the orphanage. The girl he chose was not exactly an ordinary girl. The child had an unpleasant diagnosis from birth.

It took a very long time for the man to get the documents together, because it is not easy for a single young man to take a child. But, he did his best, and he succeeded. As it turned out, the baby was abandoned by her biological parents immediately after delivery, and all candidates for adoption also could not accept the diagnosis.

Our main character was not deterred by the difficulties and took responsibility for the girl’s life. He spoils his adopted daughter and gives her all the time she needs to feel like a completely normal child.

Now the girl has grown up and is making great strides in development. And her father has become a popular person on Instagram, thanks to his talent as a writer. Not long ago, Luca published his first book, which won the love of the public on the Internet.

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