They were elderly women by the age of 36: what America’s richest twins look like now

In the late 1990s, actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became all-girl idols. The twin sisters went through different challenges before finding inspiration in the films “Changing Gates,” “Sunny Holidays,” and “Two: Me and My Shadow.”

The adorable duo became popular all over the world, and in 2007, the sisters ranked 11th on the list of the richest women in the entertainment sector, earning $ 100 million. With the support of their parents, the twins were able to create a brand out of their name, under which garments, books, posters, fragrances, and toys were made.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s professional development was stunted by their image as gorgeous teens. But their personal lives were a complete mess: Ashley chose sports, while Mary-Kate favored bankers, such as the brother of former French President Sarkozy.

The Olsen twins are 36 years old now, and their looks recalls that of lovely youngsters. Mary-Kate went beyond with the plastic, giving her face a cold, emotionless appearance. Ashley is suffering from fatal Lyme disease, which she contracted after being bitten by a tick. Ashley’s looks was most likely impacted by the disease’s startling effect (the skin, neurological system, and joints weaken), but she recently appeared in public with her new spouse, 34-year-old artist Louis Eisner.

What are your thoughts on the twins? Have they altered drastically over the years?

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