A woman gave birth to a son that weighed 6 kg, making him one of the heaviest babies ever.

Despite his huge size, the baby was delivered so quickly and easily.

Get to know Lucas, a giant newborn weight almost 13 pounds (5.9 kg), which is one of the largest babies in Australia.

Despite its enormous size, the baby was born so quickly and easily.

The child is the second child of a woman.

She gave birth to the first boy a year ago, and again with huge sizes.

Her mother, 38-year-old Nina Tassell, said that her son was born so quickly that they did not even have time to get to the hospital.

The woman said that she was with her husband Adam when she felt that the child was about to be born.

So, they were heading to the hospital of St. John the Theologian when the woman realized that the child was pushing.

Lucas decided to be born in the front seat of their car.

They will never forget this day since the caring and confused husband had to take birth right in the car.

The funniest in this story is that the daughter-in-law of Nina Sonya Ason with her prepared everything necessary for a special day.

However, when Nina called her and said that their plans had changed, Sonya had to instruct her on the phone.

Thus, the Trinity was able to take the birth in place before the doctors came to the rescue.

In addition, severe cases and risky births are considered when the child weighs almost 6 kg.

Fortunately, the baby was born healthy, and now he is intact and unharmed!

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