The missing dog returned home tired but happy with a touching note around his neck and the glory of a hero.

When the 12-year-old family pet went missing for several hours, his owners called the authorities. The family was surprised, however, when he returned later that evening, wearing a heartfelt message around his neck. Marolyn Driver, an incredibly intelligent shepherd dog, grew up on his parents’ farm in New Zealand.

Louis was a happy, curious puppy with a lot of energy who enjoyed running around the farm and exploring his surroundings from a young age. His daily routine changed as he grew older, and he spent more time at home.

That’s why Louis’ owners were concerned when he went missing for several hours one day. To everyone’s surprise, the dog returned home later that evening with a strange letter around his neck. He appeared bruised and filthy.

The family reasoned that someone had upset their pet. When they read the handwritten message, however, everyone relaxed. Rob, their next-door neighbor, sent the message, writing that the dog did a truly heroic act by bringing him to his dog Maddy, who was trapped beneath a mound of branches.

Rob’s dog’s name was Maddie. They soon discovered what had happened to them. Maddie vanished the next day, and Rob looked everywhere for her, but to no avail.

When he got home, Louis greeted him with a growl and motioned Rob to follow him. Rob trusted his instincts and followed Louis until he found the lost dog in the bushes. Louie started digging to help Rob rescue his friend.

Maddie was saved thanks to this brave dog. The two exhausted dogs dashed to a nearby pond, jumped in, and began to drink the water.

Louis was so exhausted that day that he didn’t even eat and promptly fell asleep.

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